CKD Hispanics

Kidney Disease - Hispanics

Hispanics are at greater risk for kidney disease and kidney failure than White Americans. In fact, Hispanics are 1½ times more likely to have kidney failure compared to other Americans. In 2010, 13% of new kidney failure patients were Hispanic.

Researchers do not fully understand why Hispanics are at a higher risk for kidney disease. However, 10% of Hispanic Americans have diabetes, which is the leading cause of kidney disease. High blood pressure, diet, obesity, and access to healthcare may also play a role.

Hispanics are almost twice as likely to have diabetes as white Americans; in fact 10% of Hispanic Americans have diabetes. In older Hispanics diabetes is even more common—about 1 in 4 Hispanics over 45 years has diabetes. Having diabetes can lead to kidney disease and kidney failure, and diabetes causes kidney failure more often in Hispanics than in white Americans.

High blood pressure is also a serious problem for Hispanics. Nearly 1 in 4 Hispanics has high blood pressure and do not recognize the relationship between high blood pressure and kidney disease.

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